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Marcia Simmons

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Marcia Simmons writes about food & drink, tech, travel, business and other topics. She also has worked as a content strategist for national brands and as managing editor of a business journal.

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Fourroses warehousebarrels article

Behind the Scenes at the Four Roses Distillery

Four Roses Bourbon is in the middle of an expansion that will eventually double production. A tour of the still-growing distillery shows a company keeping up with increased demand for bourbon while holding on to the craftsmanship that created the demand in the first place.

Open uri20131219 10548 1b5mfxr article
EveryDay with Rachel Ray

Technique Tuesday: Don't Toss That!

Don't toss those odds and ends! They just might be the tastiest parts of your produce.

X12830047915 1ce7b64b2e k 960x500.jpg.pagespeed.ic.zenhnnviyd article

The Urban Cyclist's Guide To: San Francisco

San Francisco is a great city for cyclists. Sure, you’ll encounter hills, but San Francisco has more bike paths, multi-use paths and on-street lanes per square mile than any other large city in the country...

Sailor header.jpg.1000x0 q85 crop smart upscale article

Drink Like a Sailor: How Men and Women of the High Seas Defined What We Drink Today

Hundreds of years before the Old Fashioned, sailors were swigging concoctions that would shape the cocktail scene for generations to come. Everything from the gin and tonic to tiki drinks like the flaming skull punch owe their existence to the seafaring men of yore.

Chipotle.jpg.660x0 q85 article

How Chipotle Plans to Break Into the Craft Cocktail Market

Looking for a cocktail made with organic, small-batch ingredients? If you live in Denver, you can now find it at your local Chipotle. On the heels of Taco Bell's venture into serving mixed drinks, Chipotle has teamed up with master sommelier and distiller Richard Betts on a pilot program that expands the Chipotle's "food with integrity" ethos into its drink menu.

Griffo 6 article

Griffo Distillery: Distilling the essence of Sonoma County

Mike and Jenny Griffo are crafting spirits in Petaluma that are impossible to make any other place. That’s because one of the key ingredients doesn’t come from a supply company or farm — it floats into distillery with the breeze..

Room temp amari.jpg.660x0 q85 crop scale article

5 Things to Know About Room-Temperature Cocktails

Stop chiseling away at that block of artisanal ice and step away from the Kold-Draft machine: lukewarm drinks are the next hot trend.

Phpthumb generated thumbnailjpg article

8 Ingenious Products and Hacks for the Aspiring Urban Gardener

With space-saving designs, innovative gardening products and some DIY ingenuity, you, city dweller, can grow your own vegetables and herbs in your apartment or even on the smallest patch of outdoor space.

Tumblr inline nlt5gv1kvu1toc77y 500 article

10 Healthy Foods that are Even Better After You Freeze Them

You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to turn healthy ingredients into a tasty snack. Here are 10 foods that are transformed from good to great simply by popping them in the freezer. Whether you’re indulging your sweet tooth or looking to add excitement to your diet, you can do so while still eating foods that are nutritious.

Open uri20140714 26755 2zvvjs article

How To Negotiate Lower Rent

Hunting for the right apartment can be frustrating, especially in a tight market. But when you find what you think is your dream place, don’t be too anxious to sign on the dotted line. The listed price isn’t always the price you’ll have to pay. Do your homework and negotiate like a pro, and you could save yourself a lot of money.

Bartender.jpg.660x0 q85 article

When Customers Hit on the Bartenders

Getting hit on by customers is a fact of life for anyone who works behind a bar. Knowing how to deal with a come-on is as much a part of the job as knowing how to make a Martini. Every bar employee has stories about guests behaving badly. But that bad behavior often crosses the line from banter to harassment.

Old couple ozarks loc 259x300 article

11 Skills Your Great-Grandparents Had That You Don’t

Our parents and grandparents may shake their heads every time we grab our smart phones to get turn-by-turn directions or calculate the tip. But when it comes to life skills, our great-grandparents have us all beat.

1128539 10 problems you can solve by drinking more water article

10 Problems You Can Solve By Drinking More Water

Hydration is about more than keeping thirst at bay—it has a serious effect on how you look and feel. Here are 10 problems you might be able to solve by drinking more water.

Dollarphotoclub 80796571 article

7 Healthy Treats to Refresh Your Summer

Summer means cool, refreshing treats. But they don’t have to be loaded with sugar and empty calories! It’s easy to chill out with goodies that are good for you. Here are some tasty DIY creations that make staying healthy fun.

Tumblr inline nqcgtwrwjo1toc77y 500 article

8 Simple DIY Projects That Make Summer Even Better

There’s no better time than summer to take on DIY activities, so we came up with eight projects and hydration hacks that will infinitely improve your season.